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The Gadget Show relaunch as Better Tech, Better Life

The Gadget Show is back with a brand-new format – and this series is all about real tech for real people.

A host of households across the nation have asked us to make their lives better with a little tech injection. Step up Ortis Deley are Georgie Barrat, who will be showing them the latest gadgets that could help us all save time, save energy and save money. We’ll be inviting these families with tech dilemmas to Gadget HQ: our hi-tech hub which has all the space to put any type of tech through its paces.

Each week our families will be shown a range of gadget solutions that can hopefully improve their lives – from perfecting their working from home setup to using tech to speed up that dreaded school run. We’ll also show them how you might not need to spend big to get the best value tech in our “battle of the brands” feature. Our families will also become gadget testers on behalf of the nation, as we’ll be dropping off some tech surprises on their doorstep to try out at home in the real world.

Jon Bentley will be out and about with a variety of experts pitting cheaper tech against more expensive opposition in his weekly “premium vs budget” strand and Harry Wallop returns to give us tips on how we can all save money during the current cost of living crisis.

On top of all of that, each week our resident sustainability experts Charlotte Williams and Bianca Foley will be testing out the latest tech that claims to have green credentials.

Make sure you make time to tune in and let us help you make the best tech choices!

7pm, Wednesdays starting from 28th September.


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