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Three Men Four Wheels

Three Men Four Wheels | Discovery 10 x 30'

Antique and classic car dealer Drew Pritchard, motoring broadcaster Andy Jaye and racing driver Marino Franchitti always argue over what are the greatest racing cars of all time. Now they want to settle those arguments once and for all, one car at a time. Each week one of them champions an iconic racing car that they believe is an all time great. Then they all pitch in; arguing, taking the mick, learning the history and having a good poke around under the hood.

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Each show reveals the story behind the cars, talks to the people who own or drove them, then climaxes on track as the boys put every car through its paces. From the most successful F1 car ever, to a classic which reduces Drew to tears, to a Hot Rod that sets fire to the track – every one’s an amazing racing machine, but which ones will the boys agree are the greatest of all time?

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