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And... Finally with Sir Trevor McDonald 

And... Finally with Sir Trevor McDonald | ITV 2 x 60'

In this pair of one-hour specials, Britain’s favourite newsreader Sir Trevor McDonald delves into the archives – to present his favourite, trademark ‘And Finally...’ news stories, from across a 30-year career at ITN and beyond – the perfect antidote to 2020’s headlines… There are wall-to-wall classic ‘light news’ stories that ended the nightly bulletins - from sherry-drinking mice to the mystery of the Loch Ness monster, to the man who turned his garden shed into a vehicle, to two men settling a property dispute – via a boxing match. Past newsreaders and some of the stories’ protagonists join the fun in this nostalgic, cheeky, heart-warming, archive-driven rollercoaster romp of a show.

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