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Before They Were Stars

Before They Were Stars | Channel 5

Series 1 - 2 x 60'

Series 2 - 4 x 60'

This is the show some of the biggest names on the planet almost certainly didn’t want to star in. We’re entering a world of forbidden footage, from a time before real fame, when they were young, foolish, needed the money and DIDN’T have a crack PR team in place to destroy the evidence…

 From Emma Stone’s early efforts in an ill-fated talent contest to Vin Diesel break-dancing… Morgan Freeman channeling Jimi Hendrix on a 70s kids’ TV show to Bruno Mars as an Elvis impersonator at the age of four… and even the nation’s sweetheart Olivia Colman on 90s ‘yoof’-fest The Word, this show goes from improbably cute to utterly jaw-dropping faster than Rob Brydon can sell you a lawn-mower on a shopping channel. And we’ve even got that.

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