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The Best Christmas Day Telly Ever! | Channel 5 (2022)

The Best Christmas Day Telly Ever! |  Channel 5  |  2022

This one-off festive special takes us back in time and through the day, from excitable all-too-early breakfasts to bleary post-party nightcaps – with the TV that accompanied those nostalgically remembered moments down the years in Christmases past, in the format of a perfect December 25th TV schedule. Featuring everything you’d expect – those must-see TOTP specials, Queen’s Speeches, blockbuster movies, comedies and entertainment specials – and a few you really wouldn’t (like Mike Reid’s Christmas ‘Runaround’ – a frankly surreal spectacle). Contributors include those who’ve been there on screen, such as Ricky Tomlinson, Debbie McGee, Jenny Powell and Sian Welby.

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