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Paul Whitehouse's Sketch Show Years

Paul Whitehouse's Sketch Show Years |  UKTV |  2024

This four-part series sees the maestro of the comedy sketch celebrate the genre in all its glory down the decades, from our parents’ favourites in the 70s, through the ‘gold-rush’ years of the 80s and 90s – and on to a whole new breed of boundary pushing humour in the 00s and beyond.


Whether it’s Dick Emery’s comic grotesques or the Two Ronnies’ sublime wordplay, the note-perfect parodies of French & Saunders or the quickfire mayhem of Paul’s very own Fast Show, the chameleon-like genius of Catherine Tate or the beautifully drawn stereotypes of Goodness Gracious Me, few pop-cultural archives reveal as much about Britain and the way we live as sketch shows.


All life is here - no class, occupation, region or community has escaped parody. What’s more, their catchphrases have even shaped the way we talk in the school playground, the office kitchen and around the dinner table as an unofficial language of Britain, a shorthand in conversation almost everyone recognises. Suit you, sir!


As narrator, Paul tells the story of passing decades in a way they’ve never been told before – a true doyen of the genre guiding us through the best of the best of this unique comedic art form.

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