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Paul Hollywood Eats Mexico

Paul Hollywood Eats Mexico | Channel 4  3 x 60'

Paul Hollywood is off on another culinary voyage of discovery to a country that is as yet a mystery to him: Mexico! 


This time he wants to explore the character, culture and history of Mexico through its food and drink. Paul starts in the sprawling megalopolis of Mexico City, then heads off on a road trip across as much of the country as possible – from the American border in Tijuana to the Caribbean coast in Cancun. Across his three-week adventure, Paul eats fresh cactus, the country’s hottest chilli, the perfect taco, Michelin quality street food and even a scorpion! He visits a Mexican town obsessed with Cornish Pasties and the world’s most extraordinary (and dangerous) firework festival. He also meets some of the country’s top chefs and learns how they take inspiration from the country around them - and its extraordinary history. And rest assured, there will definitely be a Mariachi band.  

(1) IMG_6190 - Paul Hollywood trying award winning quesadillas with contributor Anais Mart
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