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Comedy Classics: Dibley | Channel 5 (2022)

Comedy Classics: Dibley | Channel 5  |  2022

The fictional village of Dibley was never the same once Dawn French's inimitable comedy creation Geraldine Granger arrived as the new vicar – to the initial horror of its motley assortment of oddball locals. Penned by Blackadder/Notting Hill creator Richard Curtis, this unlikely premise, timed on its launch in 1994 to coincide with the arrival of female clergy for the first time in the UK, soon established itself as another of our most cherished sitcoms – yet was surprisingly offbeat and subversive for such a mainstream hit. Cast, crew and fans help chart its story on screen, including more recent lockdown specials and Comic Relief shorts – and of course, a look at its superstellar list of special guests, which would ultimately become yet another of its USPs.

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