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Eddie Eats Christmas

Eddie Eats Christmas | UKTV  4 x 30'

The average Brit consumes 6,000 calories on Christmas Day. Former World’s Strongest Man, Eddie Hall is no average Brit. And with Eddie, it’s a far from average Christmas, as the towering 6ft 3in, 26-stone colossus takes on eating challenges featuring traditional Christmas foods from a variety of communities based around the UK, including the Polish ‘12 Dishes of Christmas’, a Brazilian Christmas Banquet that normally feeds a whole family – and a famed three–kilo naan bread challenge at one of Bradford’s finest curry houses – with a festive twist. Eddie also builds up an appetite for these monster meals with a festive-themed physical challenge – taking on tests involving Yule-logs, Santa-van pushes and even an unusual use of good old Christmas trees.

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