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The Life and Times of Captain Sir Tom

The Life and Times of Captain Sir Tom | ITV 1 x 120 

For the first time, Captain Sir Tom Moore reveals his life story and the key events in the amazing century that shaped this stoic, humble and witty Yorkshireman.  With exclusive access to Tom's everyday life, the film explores the man behind the blazer and hears the NHS fund-raiser's unique brand of wisdom - created by being an eye-witness to 100 years of British history. It's a rich, unpredictable story which, ahead of the 75th anniversary of VJ Day, includes the stirring tale of his time on the frontline of World War Two's Burma campaign.

It also sees a teenage Tom discovering the dead body of a beloved family member; an unlikely War love story in Mumbai; an unemployed Tom taking on the “soul-destroying” job of being a door-to-door salesman; Tom’s perspective on immigration in the 1950’s; on "free love" in the 1960s, on nursing a beloved wife through a degenerative brain disease; travelling to Nepal alone in his 90s and a near-fatal accident just 18 months ago. And, perhaps most movingly of all, Tom discovers a set of photographs taken by his father in the year Tom was born -  only unearthed during the research of this programme.

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