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Paul Hollywood Eats Japan

Paul Hollywood Eats Japan | Channel 4  3 x 60'

Paul Hollywood embarks on a 3-week trip across Japan to learn about this extraordinary country through its food. He wants to understand why food is so important to the Japanese and discover why Japan is fast becoming the number one destination on earth for food lovers.

It's all new for Paul who’s never been to Japan before and he quickly learns that it’s a lot more than a land of rice and noodles.

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This may be a food show, but don’t expect any recipes or an accompanying cash-in cookbook.  What you can expect though - amongst other things - is Paul being hit with a big stick, eating the world’s most expensive strawberry, meeting his biggest idol, eating a pickled plum in fish semen, cooking with an atomic bomb survivor and learning that bakeries in Japan are amongst the best on earth.


Its an extraordinary eye-opening odyssey: funny, astounding, moving, delicious and memorable. Indeed, By the time his road trip finished - eating the best beef on earth from a street stall in Osaka – Paul had become a confirmed Japanophile. Although, if and when he goes back he’ll probably avoid the raw fish and solo karaoke.

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